Clients   can   purchase   their   own   according   to   their   preferences   and   aesthetics & we will quote on the installation thereof. Glass   Gas   Hobs     are    popular    and    commonly    available    these    days    for    the    kitchens    of households.   All   home   appliances   brands   are   manufacturing   this   essential   product   to   the users’    kitchen.    The    glass    models    are    slightly    pricier    as    compared    to    the    standard    and conventional gas hobs. These   gas   hobs   generally   consist   of   four   or   more   burners   which   offer   different   intensities of   flames,   power   and   heat.   They   also   vary   in   sizes   and   shapes   to   support   different   pan shapes.   They   consist   of   an   ignition   switch   and   control   knobs   to   adjust   the   gas   flame.   The sizes   of   the   items   vary   and   sometimes   the   features   are   different   as   well.   Nevertheless,   one thing   that   is   the   best   about   gas   hobs   with   glass   surfaces   is   the   appearance   that   they   have. These   products   are   finely   streamlined   and   stylish   too.   Moreover,   the   heat   distribution   of   a gas   hob   is   good.   Electric   hobs   may   require   a   flat   surface   for   even   distribution   of   heat   or maximum   contact   with   coils   but   the   gas   ones   do   not   require   anything   like   that.   This   is because   of   the   heat   being   generated   by   a   flame   which   deforms   according   to   the   pan   put   on it. Furthermore,   the   glass   surfaces   are   smooth   and   are   extremely   easy   to   clean   so   any   spills   on the   surface   are   easily   wiped   off.   In   this   way   the   maintenance   and   cleanliness   of   a   glass surface   gas   hob    is   easier   and   more   convenient   for   most   users.   Also,   gas   hobs   guarantee lesser   heating   in   the   kitchen   overall.   This   is   again   an   advantage   over   electric   ones.   Also,   it certainly   does   not   imply   that   heat   is   not   as   much   on   the   flame   because   the   food   will   cook fast but the kitchen atmosphere and the stove top will be reasonably cooler. Another   important   advantage   of   hobs   that   utilize   gas   and   have   a   glass   surface   is   that   they will   persist   working   in   cases   of   power   outages.   When   you   are   using   an   electric   stove   in   your kitchen,   your   cooking   will   certainly   come   to   a   halt   if   the   power   goes   out.   In   developing countries   where   power   outages   are   common,   majority   of   the   people   make   use   of   gas   stoves   in their   kitchens.   It   is   also   extremely   easy   to   control   the   heat   of   these   hobs   and   as   a   result they   are   accurate.   Unlike   electric   stoves   where   the   change   in   the   flame   and   heat   is   gradual, the   change   is   precise   and   quick   in   these.   Even   ovens   with   gas   stoves   heat   up   faster   than   the ones   that   have   electric   stoves   installed.   Ignition   is   another   advantage   of   gas   stoves.   The method   of   lighting   a   flammable   gas   stove   with   a   matchstick   is   out-of-date   now.   Electronic ignitions   have   made   the   starting   of   a   flame   on   a   stove   extremely   convenient.   Moreover, there   is   no   more   the   worry   of   waiting   for   the   match   to   light   up   and   gas   being   wasted meanwhile. Last   but   not   the   least,   gas   is   a   much   cheaper   source   of   energy   or   fuel   than   electricity.   It   is an   instant   heat   source   which   can   readily   burn   on   ignition   and   help   serve   the   overall   purpose of a stove