LPG Instantaneous Water Heaters (our installation recommendations) Whilst   our   Company   does   not   advocate   one   specific   product   over   another,   we recommend   the   Bosch   Instantaneous   Hydro   Generator   LPG   water   heaters   for the following reasons: The    Hydro    Generator    design    does    not    require    a    constant    pilot    light (water pressure from opening the tap ignites the burners). Gas is not burnt constantly, only when needed to heat the water required. No batteries are required to start the burners. With   an   electrical   failure,   such   as   load   shedding,   the   water   heater   will always function. (Dependent on the availability of gas in the bottles.)
How the Hydro Generator Functions When the client opens the hot water tap, the pressure of the flowing water spins the Hydro Generator creating a spark, opening the gas supply and igniting the pilot light. Upon successful ignition, the full gas flow is opened and the main burners are ignited. Only water that flows through the device is heated instantaneously. When the tap is closed the entire system shuts down, the water stops flowing and the burner is extinguished, resulting in now wastage. Disadvantages of a Pilot Light 	Gas is burnt constantly. 	The wind may blow out the pilot resulting in the user having to manually restart it.  Requirements for an LPG Instantaneous Water Heater  Water Supply Specific Our Company cannot take responsibility for the water heater not functioning correctly due to an insufficient water supply. A minimum of 1 Bar is required whilst in use to ensure correct functioning of the device. The plumber that you engage with to do the water installation, must adhere to the following minimum requirements: 	The cold and hot water inlet and outlet pipes should be 20mm all the way through to allow for a constant good flow. 	A non-return valve must be fitted on the hot water outlet from the heater to ensure that cold water cannot be fed back into the devise. This will result in it switching off. This can be particularly prevalent when using a mixer in the bathroom or the kitchen where the device is installed. 	It is also recommended that the plumber pressure balance the house. 	We also recommend that when using the device for showering, that a free flow shower head is installed to ensure there is no restriction on water flow. In closing, installation of an instantaneous water heater will ensure that there is always a steady supply of hot water when required and will drastically reduce electricity consumption.