One   of   our   specialties’   is   the   installation   of   gas   grates   into   existing   fireplaces. We can facilitate the ordering &purchasing process.
      An   open   fire   has   an   irresistible   appeal,   and   for   busy   people   who demand   high   standards   the   Jetmaster   Gas   Convector   has   an   enviable and   established   reputation.   The   design   is   silent   in   operation   and provides    a    strong,    realistic    flame    and    ember    pattern    for    either Liquified    Petroleum    Gas    (LPG)    or    Natural    gas.    The    Jetmaster Convector   takes   heat   that   would   normally   go   up   the   chimney   and spreads   it   evenly   around   the   room   to   give   even   heating   and   maximum comfort.   It   is   easy   to   install,   safe,   convenient   and   simple   to   operate with these outstanding features: The unit can be installed in new homes or existing brick fireplaces. Automatic   flame   failure   device   cuts   off   the   gas   if   the   flame   goes out. No ashes or mess to clean up after use. • Natural gas available in all models. Supplied    with    a    convector    box,    gas    burner    with    copper    tubing, vermiculite,   ceramic   coals   and   regulator.   Copper   tubing   and   regulator are not supplied with Natural gas units.