Clients   often   do   not   understand   why   LPG   Bottles   are   located in   “not   the   most   convenient   location”.   Regulations   are   very specific   as   to   where   the   bottles   may   and   may   not   stand.   The Diagram   to   the   right   is   an   extract   from   the   SANS10087-1 regulations.   These   have   to   be   strictly   adhered   to   for   safety reasons.
The Benefits of LPG The closest off-mains alternative to natural gas, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is becoming ever more popular. But how exactly could LPG benefit you and your home? LPG is cleaner burning LPG is a cleaner burning fuel with high combustion efficiency. LPG produces less harmful emissions than many other conventional fossil fuels, meaning it is less harmful to the environment and your health compared to most other conventional fossil fuels. It generates very little CO2 and is low in sulphur, nitrogen and other particulates – all of which contribute to pollution. In the event of a spill, LPG will quickly evaporate with no risk of ground or water contamination. LPG is more versatile LPG can be used in and outdoors, so there’s no need for another source of energy. LPG provides instant, easily controlled heat, which is ideal for over 2,000 domestic and commercial uses. It’s the ideal alternative to mains gas. LPG is more convenient LPG can be stored underground, well out of sight. It also doesn’t cause any noise, mess or smells around the home and LPG boilers take up minimal space, generally requiring less maintenance than heating oil boilers. LPG is more economical Customers don’t have to buy the tank, and installation costs are low, particularly when compared to heating oil. Plus, it’s now easier than ever to switch suppliers. The fact that LPG burns more cleanly helps ensure a more efficient, low maintenance boiler. LPG is more flexible LPG is reliable, portable and flexible so it can be used for a wide range of applications. It provides instantly available heat and is easily controllable, so it’s the ideal alternative to mains gas. However if there is the opportunity to connect to mains gas, there is no need to replace the boiler or appliances – they simply need adjusting. LPG can also be easily combined with renewable energy sources.